Thursday, 6 January 2011


There's nothing certain in this world,
Except for death and taxes,
Yet everyone's caught up in a whirl
And no bugger relaxes.

Jesus said, "God will provide."
The church says, "Boy! Get workin'!"
"God won't let you into heaven
Unless you all stop shirkin'."

Jesus said, "No need for priests,
Just talk to God direct."
The church says, "You must go through me."
So that they can collect.

Jesus said, "God loves us all
And wants us to be free."
Priests say, "Sinner, on your knees!
You talk to God through me!"

The church says we are born in sin
And live our lives that way,
That everything we think and feel
And everything we say

Is not allowed by God above,
So why make us this way?
Did he really want us to suffer?
To be made to pay and pay?

Not according to Jesus,
Who they all claim to follow,
But as they twist and change his words
Their meaning becomes hollow.

Jesus said God loves us,
A Father to us all;
I really don't know how the church
Can spit out so much gall!

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