Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I'm listening to a conspiracy theorist expounding his views. It would greatly help his case if he could decide what to say before filming and not talk rubbish about crystals. Now he's on about 'them' opening vortices to other dimensions to let in 'the evil one' and "open the gates of Hell." All I can say to that is BOLLOCKS!!!  I don't want to bring down the system, just the corrupt tossers in charge of it all.

Last night I had to wake up once an hour to check the bank so as I could put cash in the current account for a direct debit. I moved the cash over and the bank nicked twenty quid off me! That was food money for the next three days so I'm understandably pissed off. I shall be raiding the freezer this week.

"I don't have a car, nor a tv, nor do I fly anywhere. I buy local meat, veg and dairy products. I have double-glazing and good insulation. My carbon footprint is tiny. And I re-use and re-cycle. I even buy most of my clothes in charity shops. What about you?" - a question I asked an aquaintance on Facebook earlier.His reply was interesting because he finally got to what he wanted to say.

Dean has spent the last half hour stretching the gloop he peeled off the side of my pad to an incredible 4-5 times its original length. Unfortunately it has now split. :(

I watched Dances with Wolves followed by Wallender. Good evening's viewing curtesy of the bbciplayer.  I'm of to bed now, after a smoke.

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