Monday, 28 February 2011


Why do people still believe unreliable, imaginary bollocks! Not just one load of crap either. All mixed up, all thought up when people hallucinated all the time due to illness, poisoned wounds, adrenalin breakdown and starvation. We've had thousands of years, all that accumulated knowledge, yet we still believe in magic...  
We managed to accept the world was flat, why do we still believe all this mystical shit!!!
Grow up! No gods, no magic, no miracles - or it would still happen.
How can Christians believe in Mayan mythology?
How can Christians enter Law and Politics when Jesus said don't?
How can people living in cities, working in banks be Zen Buddhist?
How can people claim to be Christian when they are so obscenely rich?
Why do religious people kill each other all the time?  Catholics v Protestants, Shia v Sunni, etc.  They don't even fight other religions half the time! 
Why do religious people not obey their Holy Books. They are mostly against violence and for equality. Don't see much of that happening.
"LOVE of money is the route of all evil" says the Bible - yet the US still claim to be a Christian country. What's more, its uninformed, oppressed masses believe they ARE Christians.   Preachers on TV selling 'salvation' to poor, uneducated, lonely, vulnerable people so that they can regain power through the governments, using the billions collected on TV in order to force their own agenda on the country.


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