Saturday, 26 February 2011


It would be good to have a reason
To stay alive from season to season.
Unfortunately, or maybe not,
Its all we have, life's all we've got.

So what do we tell our children?
And what do we tell their kids?
And what do we say to explain away
All the fucking shit that we did?

Oh! Sorry, we fucked the planet,
We were greedy, stupid and thick.
We thought it wouldn't matter,
That we could deal with it.

But it doesn't seem to be working
Everything is going wrong;
Earthquakes and volcanoes
From here to old Hong Kong.

There s every chance we've fucked it.
That there's nothing we can do,
So what do we get from the media?
They keep selling things to you.

We can see where it's going wrong, right?

(c) 2010 C.A. JONES

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