Tuesday, 8 February 2011

After Madness pt.?

I suppose the upside of having been pretty much off my rocker is that I learned a hell of a lot about human nature in a short space of time.  I learned that human nature is not very nice. It is still rooted in the herd and is like chickens pecking at the one with the black feather, they don't want you to be different to them.

The next ten years was spent learning to recognise this and, hardest of all, learning to live with it.  It has been an isolating experience, but then I discovered the Internet. Yes, I was a latecomer, I AM poor, you know, but I would not like to live without it now. Through it I have met many like-minded people and this has restored my faith in things.  A few people is all it takes.  As it is I meet more every day.

Of course it spells the end for the gravy-train. The govts fear revolution. Pah! We don't want a revolution, we want things run PROPERLY and with integrity for the good of the electorate.  NOT for the good of a few multi-national companies. They can keep most of it, but why do they have to have it ALL?

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