Saturday, 19 February 2011


People ask me, "Why don't you go out with men your own age?"
I reply, "They don't ask me..."
Its true. Its like trying to get blood out of a stone talking to men of my age. They live in a world long gone. I've met people I like of my own age, but they can't seem to deal with it.
So, what am I supposed to do? Be celibate? I don't think so.
I like men to be men, is there something wrong with that?
I don't like having all these girly-boy bands pushed on me. I don't like pretty, I like handsome. A man should look like a man not a girl. I'm not a lesbian so I don't find girly-boys attractive.
I like rugged men with eyes that melt my knees. Anything wrong with that? No.
So... Any offers?

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