Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I decided a couple of months ago to give up Prozac. I'd had some blood tests and although I was clear of all the nasties, there appeared to be a question on anaemia. But I have a good diet, I thought, why would I be anaemic? I decided to do some research.

I went through all the various things that could cause anaemia. I found out that Prozac, or Fluoxetine, can cause the lining and walls of the intestines to become thin. I sometimes take ant-inflammatories which irritate me too. Together this could cause bleeding and, hence, anaemia. I decided to give up the Prozac. For a month I cut down from two to one 500mg capsules per day, Then I cut to one every two days, then every three, then stopped.

I didn't have any problems with withdrawal, except for sweats. I still get the odd one. I found myself very tired after a couple of weeks without the Prozac, and my output and concentration were down, even for me. I couldn't understand why. My PTSD meant I had now forgotten all about the Prozac. But I was worried about the anaemia. I drank stout for the iron and had red wine instead of white, ate lots of garlic. I stopped taking the anti-inflammatories and took codeine instead. But without the Prozac in my bloodstream the codeine did not make me speed, as it used to, it made me more tired. 

I have had four appointments with my doctor over the last six weeks, none of which I have managed to attend as yet. So I have done all of this without medical supervision. I guess I'm rather pleased with myself.

Ok, so I still have a lot of problems, but I feel more alive too, rather than one step removed from life.

I think I can do this life thing at last, do it myself. This makes me happy. 

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