Monday, 23 July 2012


Yesterday I poached salmon in a pint of milk, which I strained and used to make mushroom and spring onion sauce. There was about a quarter of a pint of the hot milk left. 

I picked up the jug with the hot poaching milk in it to empty it. Then I thought, 'No! Don't throw it away! Its hot milk. Put it in coffee.' 

Pleased with myself. I returned to the sauce, stirring it til it thickened. I ran through the recipe mentally as I did so... 

A light bulb went on in my head (and, funnily enough, it was slow like the new type). 

'OH MY GOD!!!' I realised what I was planning for the poaching milk, 'I was gonna make COFFEE with it!!!' 

I quickly grabbed the jug of milk and emptied it down the sink in order to avoid this error permanently. 
Phew! That was close!

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