Sunday, 18 December 2011

WTF is happening?

" OneRevolution Now that The   is Killing unarmed  in downtown , everything is permitted"

" Anita Hunt Official death toll from violence against protests in  rises to 14. Authorities say they're regaining control."

" Anonymous Sweden Priests were arrested when occupy Wall Street tried to set up a new camp" 

" RevoluSec Female protesters brutally beaten with metal poles; soldiers drag girls thru streets by their hair in day of shame" --  

I got these Tweets from Twitter just now. This is the state of things today.  It looks like the whole world is kicking off and being beaten but not staying down. The USA have brought in a law so they can lock up ANYONE, even their own citizens, without arrest or trial if they are thought a 'threat to national security'. No longer the land of the free. Their powers that be don't even bother hiding their contempt for the 99%. One wonders where it will all lead...

But, hey! No need to worry after all. The 'force' is with us.  " Huffington Post Thousands list 'Star Wars' as their religion on this national census..." 

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