Thursday, 28 July 2011


What is it with people nowadays?  When I was young everyone went on the pill. We were not all promiscuous but neither were we stupid enough to think we'd never have sex.  It also ensured regular periods, less bad periods and floods. But mostly - NO BABIES!!!

Nowadays girls feel it makes them a slag to be on the pill. It doesn't. It makes you equal to men who don't get pregnant. An unwanted child is a misery to be. And even if the mother does love the child the father is usually nowhere in sight for unplanned children. So they grow up knowing they were an unplanned mistake. They have no male role models and only the ever emasculating tv and media to look to. No wonder everyone is so soft now.

And nowadays they don't stop at one. New boyfriend, new child, new break-up, new misery. It follows like b follows a. Children have many males in and out of their lives but no constant role models. Kids grow up and choose the wrong people themselves ad infinitum - ad nauseum.

And so it goes on. Our entire culture needs to get its finger out. We were getting somewhere before Murcoch bought our country and we can do it again. But you gotta get engaged with it. You can't take your eyes off these buggers for an instant, they'll shaft you.

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