Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Telegraph, News Corp, and the disintegration of Britain... by Dean Elvis James on Saturday, 16 July 2011 at 14:05

This is a piece just written by my band partner Dean. Too good not to publish, because I could not have put it better...

"Our country always prided itself on the low level of corruption in its public life. Can it still?", asks the conclusion of a leading article in the Daily Telegraph today. My reply on their comments thread was this:

No. It is shameful that is has come to this. But I'm afraid, it actually dates back to Margaret Thatcher. For all the good she is puported to have done - enough to warrant a statue in Parliament & talk of a state funeral as if she were Royalty - the very fact that she and this pernicious, lowest-common denominator, ruthless businessman were in bed together has led to a corruption of everything being British stood for. Page 3 & descent from the gutter to the sewer has eroded standards for nearly four decades. Richard Desmond, with his porn empire & vulgar ambitions to 'be' someone in the eyes of the Queen, for example, is the same type of person - charity donations ensure the 'meet & greet's he so craves - but the filth he peddles should leave even a halfwit in no doubt about his true nature & thus why he donates in the first place. Philanthropy is not just a non-issue with these folk, it has no place in their remit at all. They are greedy, selfish, social climbers, who will stop at nothing to achieve that aim; the type of person who sees others as objects to be toyed with, lied to, and exploited. But if you're rich enough, being a sociopath isn't merely tolerated - it is very well rewarded!

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